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Branding equals identity. It’s as simple as that.
And the journey to a successful brand starts with discovery. When you think about the identity of someone you love, what comes to mind? I’m guessing probably not logos, or colors, or fonts, right? That’s because identity, and branding, go far deeper.

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“In an industry filled with cliches and abstraction, The Brand Boss Studio cuts through the crap and tells it like it is. Rachel and Melissa are highly skilled, their attention to detail and heart they put in everything they do are truly exceptional!

P.S. They have a pretty awesome podcast you should check out as well.”

Imran Battla

Business Solutions Administrator
Global Cloud Solutions

“The Brand Boss Studio did an absolute bomb job in capturing the essence of what I wanted for my brand. Rachel walked me through every aspect of the look, feel, colors and the emotion I wanted people to have when they came in contact with me, my company, and my brand. The team brought out my identity so well that every week someone shares a picture or product with me that makes them say “I thought of Queen Bee when I saw this,” which is proof that they helped create a brand that stands at the forefront of consumers’ mind. Thank you for pulling my true vision out and making it a reality that women relate with!”

Berlin Salest Byers

Holistic Health Coach
The Queen Bee Revolution

“This team by far has been one of the greatest resources for my business. From designing our logo to workshops in how we brand ourselves to clients, The Brand Boss Studio has made such a difference in how the business looks and takes actions to grow.”

Matt Gill

Enhance VR

“Whoa this is different” is what I thought to myself as The Brand Boss Studio dug deep into what my vision, and my heart, were for my company. Once the team understood who my company was and what my dreams were they gave life to them both.”

Bob Chatterton

Trinic LLC.

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