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Brand Strategy, Design, & Launch

The Brand Boss Studio was honored to partner with the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce to develop, launch, and establish the Bing Biz Con event brand. This new event had to look different, feel different, have a completely different vibe – while also not alienating any members who had faithfully participated in the previous annual event that held a rich history in the region.

Beginning with brand identity, we created a brand for this new event that looked and felt fresh – distinctly different from any event the Chamber had done before. The new Bing Biz Con brand resonated with Chamber members of all demographics and helped generate excitement and engagement before, during, and after the event.

We are delighted to be partnering with them again this year and look forward to watching Bing Biz Con’s impact continue to grow! 

“After thirty years of a traditional Business Expo, which continued to experience declining participation and energy, the Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce knew that we needed re-group and re-invent this event.

After an internal brainstorming session, we decided to transform this event into a one day business conference incorporating networking, breakout sessions and a business expo, called BingBizCon.

The Brand Boss Studio was charged with bringing this event to life with a fresh new look and vibrant feel. After an in-depth discussion with us, the team created the brand for BingBizCon on their very first try!

The colors, logo and overall look that The Brand Boss Studio gave BingBizCon was crisp, clean and exciting – exactly the kind of message we wanted to convey to attendees for this brand-new event!

The first BingBizCon in 2019 was a huge success with over 200 attendees! We are looking forward to an even more exciting BingBizCon in 2020! Thank you, Brand Boss Studio! We could not have done this without you!

Amy Shaw
Amy Shaw
Chief Operating Officer

Debby Evans

Debby Evans
Project & Event Manager

Greater Binghamton Chamber of Commerce