Brand Audit & Comprehensive Rebrand 

For Muti-office National Company

For many years, the Broome County Arts Council has served as advocate, fundraiser, and resource “to promote and support a thriving arts community.” With a robust strategic plan and a new Executive Director at the helm, the Broome County Arts Council was ready to take their impact to the next level.

As we took a deep dive together into the identity of the Arts Council, we honed in on their true mission to be “the bridge between the community and the arts.” To reflect that mission and identity, the brand needed to communicate well to a rather broad audience including artists, patrons, enthusiasts, and the community at large.

Beginning with the logo, we developed their new brand presence that is intriguing, inviting, and fresh, while still being consistent with the time honored values of the Arts Council. A bright, contemporary color palette was chosen that communicates vibrancy and the way that the Arts breathe life into the community. Graphic elements are composed of geometric shapes that reference the rich diversity of our local arts community, as well as creating the letterforms for the acronym BCAC for Broome County Arts Council.

From there, we carried this consistent brand experience into signage, communications, merch, and also the Artisan Gallery branding as part of the BCAC brand.

“The Broome County Arts Council was thrilled to partner with the very talented Rachel Jenks on the creation of our new logo and rebrand!  Rachel strove to thoroughly understand our goals and mission, while researching our long history in this community, in order to create an image that says it all; she got it just right.”

Nancy Barno ReynoldsNancy Barno Reynolds
Executive Director
Broome County Arts Council