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Crownmade Logo

The Brand Boss Studio created a fantastic suite of digital products for me to work with for my brand. It has sped up my process of creating social media content now that I have fantastic templates to work from! I love the proactive communication of The Brand Boss Studio team. Each person is dynamically passionate about their areas of expertise and it really shows in the way they overdeliver.

Helen Graham

Owner & Founder, Crownmade

Crownmade came to us with a logo already, but felt like she wasn’t very clear in the identity of her brand. Through our Identity Strategy consultation, we worked with her to craft this identity statement of who the brand truly is:

“We are made for the Resin Makers. We are generous in time, knowledge, friendship, and resources. We are a community that celebrates and builds one another up. Our integrity and approachability make us a leader that others can trust. Through expertise and encouragement, we equip resin makers with transformative and practical solutions. And from their first interaction with us, provide the highest quality experience.”

This is the identity of Crownmade. And when you know who you are, you can function from that place. So here’s how we began to translate this identity into the brand experience.

First, we began by taking the resin mold shape and making that a very pivotal element of the brand visuals, because Crownmade is made for the resin makers.

Brand Shapes

Next, we have the product packaging. Remember that last line of the identity statement, “…And from their first interaction with us provide the highest quality experience.” Well, many of the people who are coming into the Crownmade community are first interacting with the product through an online store search engine, such as Amazon. So one of the first interactions they really have with Crownmade as a company is the packaging. We made that experience fun, on-brand, and functional. One of the things we learned is that resin makers like to keep their molds in the boxes. So you can see right on the side of the box, it says geode coaster mold. Let’s say you have multiple kinds of molds, which Crownmade offers. You can stack the boxes and still know at a glance which molds are where.

“We are made for the resin makers,” appears on the packaging as well as an invitation for them to join the Crownmade community. There’s also a “use this hashtag” callout for resin makers to have their work featured on Crownmade’s social media. Because Crownmade is “…generous in time, knowledge, friendship, and resources,” and “…a community that celebrates and builds one another up.” And so these are ways to celebrate the makers that this product is made for.

On another side of the box, there is a QR code that goes right to the Crownmade YouTube channel with several practical, how-to videos and tips to “…equip resin makers with transformative and practical solutions.”

Geode Mold Packaging

We also created Canva social media templates custom-designed for the Crownmade brand, easy to update, where all she has to do is swap out the photo or text. As you can see, we gave her a Maker Monday shout-out, for example, and all she has to do is update the photo to feature the makers that are using her product. Or let’s say she wants to announce a sale on a specific product. We built easy-to-use, on-brand templates for that too. We also created social media headers for the Crownmade Facebook group and YouTube graphics and thumbnail templates for the Crownmade YouTube channel.


These are some examples of how we worked with Crownmade to create a congruent brand experience as a whole that aligns with the identity of the brand in a way that goes far beyond mere visuals.  

Social Media Templates