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If you are looking for your brand to be understood and felt, this is the company to partner with to curate that experience. This team has been both patient and thorough in walking me through all of what’s needed to take my content to the next level. Content that isn’t just one-dimensional but content that can help to inform future business decisions and targeting of information and messaging. The heart of serving and delivering quality that reflects the heart of the business owner is definitely evident.

I have worked with The Brand Boss Studio twice in the past six months. The feel of my brand was caught through our initial stages of development and seeing the execution of both projects let me know the information wasn’t just heard — it was felt and understood. As a result of that, the consistency has been evident to those who have engaged with my content from either project.

I loved that the entire team is engaged in the process from end to end. Everyone was kept up to speed with updates and information and nothing got lost or misconstrued in translation. I also appreciated the ease and simplicity that the team communicates with to help me understand the intent and vision behind what they delivered.

Michelle Curtis-Bailey

Founder & Lead Strategist, edYou, Inc.

Michelle Curtis-Bailey came to us with an existing logo, beautiful, on-brand photography, wonderful copywriting, and a newly purchased tech platform, LeadPages. She had all the right pieces, but wasn’t exactly sure how to put them all together. That’s where we came in.


Beginning with the foundation of identity, we developed a cohesive brand experience — from user experience of the navigation and layout, to placement strategy, optimization, and visuals.

When we were done, she had a fully branded, fully integrated website that brought everything together so powerfully, she sent us a video of her doing a happy dance!

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Event Sales Funnel

We have also been honored to partner with Michelle to create sales funnels for her amazing events — including strategy, branding, testing, optimization, and flow between various platforms.

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