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Working with The Brand Boss Studio has taken a huge weight off of my shoulders. I don’t have to figure it out and design everything on my own. The team is excellent to work with, very personable and responsive, and make an amazing product. I love that they “get” my style and vision. I don’t want to stop working with The Brand Boss Studio and go it alone, haha!

Christina VanDergrift

Founder & Coach, Vacation Rental Academy

Vacation Rental Academy owner Christina VanDergrift came to us with a newly published book and an in-production course that she was looking to launch and scale, and knew she needed to do that with a polished brand.

So, as we do with all our clients, we began by diving into the identity of the Vacation Rental Academy brand.

Vacation Rental Academy is an authentic and entertaining coaching system. Empowering the abundance-minded entrepreneur with diversified wealth streams through owning and operating vacation rentals. Inspiring the hustler in you, no matter who or where you are right now, with practical training, relentless optimism, and honesty. And giving you the tools to go do it, while having fun along the way!”

With the brand identity established, we had a solid foundation to develop and build out the Vacation Rental Academy brand. We tweaked the existing logo, updated the colors to communicate the brand’s personality, and created guidelines for messaging and tone. We then created the Brand ID Navigator to ensure brand congruence moving forward across all platforms.

VRA Brand ID Navigator Mockup 1
VRA Brand ID Navigator Mockup 2

Base Website

Next, we built the Vacation Rental Academy base site in Kajabi, incorporating the brand messaging, personality, tone, and visuals. We rebranded her lead generation “freebies” and added videos. We also linked to her other various businesses as well as her vacation rentals to showcase “this is how I do it,” as well as driving traffic to the businesses and rentals.

VRA Website Home Mockup
VRA Website Book & Testimonials Screenshot
VRA Website Stay Connected Screenshot
VRA Website Resources Screenshot
VRA Website Your Coach Screenshot
VRA Website Blog Screenshot
VRA Website My Vacation Rentals Screenshot

Book Sales Funnel

Then we strategized and built her book sales funnel soup-to-nuts – strategy, copywriting, branded design, optimization, and testing. This funnel leads the viewer from an ad, to the funnel, straight to her check-out page on Amazon and subscribes them to her email list. We also linked the funnel in her Kajabi website navigation.

VRA Book Funnel Header Mockup
VRA Book Funnel Intro Screenshot
VRA Book Funnel Book Screenshot
VRA Book Funnel Sign Up Screenshot

Online Course

From there, we developed the course portal with all its branded visuals and workbooks — ensuring an authentic and entertaining learning experience!

VRA Course Home Mockup
VRA Course Modules List Screenshot
VRA Course Module Video Screenshot
VRA Course Module Content Screenshot
VRA Course Workbook Mockup

Course Sales Funnel

Once the course portal was built and tested, we created the course sales funnel — another “soup-to-nuts” project. Now Vacation Rental Academy had multiple potential conversion destinations to lead potential clients to — all congruent with the brand identity and experience and incorporated into the Kajabi site.

VRA Course Funnel Header Mockup
VRA Course Funnel Intro Screenshot
VRA Course Funnel What We'll Cover Screenshot
VRA Course Funnel What's Included Screenshot
VRA Course Funnel Sign Up Screenshot
VRA Course Funnel Checkout Screenshot
VRA Course Funnel Thank You Screenshot

Marketing Strategy & Branded Graphics

Then we worked with her to map out her exact marketing strategy and plan to turn these touch points into conversions. We created custom-designed branded Canva templates for social media, as well as branded emails, and are now in the process of helping her implement this marketing strategy through our newly launched done-for-you marketing service suite, the Content Boss.

VRA Social Media Post Screenshot
VRA Story Post Screenshot
VRA Email Template Screenshot 1
VRA Email Template Screenshot 2