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Rachel Jenks

chief brand boss

Founder. Owner. Brand Boss. With more than 22 years experience working in public communications, including 15+ years in graphic design, Rachel’s passion is empowering business owners to rock YOUR brand like a Boss.

“I’m tired of seeing business owners and entrepreneurs taken advantage of…or feeling pressured to keep up with every marketing trend out there…rather than being true to who you are as a company and bringing real solutions to the people you serve. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more powerful. Trust comes before transactions. When you can create that kind of experience for people, you build an unstoppable brand.”

Rachel’s off-the-beaten-path career journey has spanned multiple roles in various countries, three cities, and two states – including professional ballet, management, event production, business strategy, national and international public relations, graphic design, and marketing.

She’s had the opportunity to work with organizations of all sizes and industries to amplify the power of their brands through brand strategy, brand experience consulting, brand development, brand content, brand packaging, UI/UX brand strategy, brand design, multi-media, advertising, marketing, live event production, e-learning, 3D animation, video, photography, and art direction.

Rachel is the host of The Brand Boss Show podcast and YouTube channel and an in-demand public speaker.

When not strategizing powerful brand experiences and coaching business owners, Rachel can be found off on an adventure or savoring the moment with those she loves – including her Studio Assistants, Podcat and Lady Podcat.

Melissa Buck

strategic design boss

Creator. Thinker. Design Boss. With 10+ years of graphic design experience and a background in integrated marketing communications, Melissa is a creative problem-solver with a passion for communicating through thoughtful, strategic design.

“Great design isn’t just about creating something that looks pretty. The key to success is designing with the holistic customer experience in mind. When intentional strategy and clear identity synchronize to inform the audience and drive action, that’s when you’ve reached an effective and beautiful design.”

A creator and nerd at heart, Melissa discovered her love for design in high school, as the perfect meld between her interests in digital technology and art. She began experimenting with design in Microsoft Word (eek!), then dove in to teach herself an outdated version of Photoshop that she managed to get her hands on, and eventually attended Ithaca College where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Integrated Marketing Communications and a minor in Still Photography.

Born and raised in the Finger Lakes region, Melissa has always aspired to help local businesses thrive through polished branding, marketing, and design. She spent five years as the Marketing & Communications Specialist at Finger Lakes Wine Country, where she worked with regional businesses and community leaders to brand the destination and promote its experiences to visitors and residents.

Melissa is also a maker with a passion for crafting a variety of handmade items for her brand Honeybee Handmade.

When she’s not behind her computer, Melissa can be found crafting, binge-watching reality competition shows, visiting local breweries, and spending time with her family and dog, Lola.

Leah Kelley

project & systems strategist

Advisor. Dreamer. Doer. With more than 15 years as an infrastructure builder, Leah brings a unique perspective to setting goals and aligning your business strategies to optimize potential outcomes. She thrives in creating systematic approaches and has a knack for finding effective processes to maximize time management and resources.

“I’m passionate about solving problems. I’m always looking for an easier, quicker way to get things done. As a busy mom of 5, this is crucial! Solving problems or looking for more effective ways to manage time and/or resources allows me to be creative. There is a thrill for me in helping others find solutions that make life easier and more efficient.”

Leah’s expansive work history has allowed her to provide support to a wide variety of organizations, from educational entities to one of the world’s largest corporations in the energy industry. Her ability to analyze and identify focus areas of need has been the foundation in integrating vision, creativity, and innovation to improve systems within the workplace.

Leah is also a lover of life-long learning, always looking to expand her knowledge and understanding of herself and the world around her. Supporting others in their self-growth journey is also a very important part of who she is.

When she’s not implementing new processes or supporting personal growth in herself and others, she can be found with her husband and their five children. They are definitely her inspiration to set lofty goals and believe that anything is possible!

In addition to working at The Brand Boss Studio, Leah is also active in real estate and enjoys creating macrame pieces and traveling the world.

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